What is a...Routed Fence System?

A routed fence system is one that uses pre-cut holes in the posts to hold the panels in place, instead of brackets and screws.  The holes, which are precisely machine cut into the posts to match each specific fence model, are depedent on the post's function; which means that there are different posts for lines, corners, ends, and gates.  The panels usually either snap into place, or are secured using lock rings, depending on the type of fence.  Contrast this with a bracketed system, where all of the posts are blank and brackets are screwed into the posts to hold the fence panel in place.

Illustration 1: A series of routed line posts for a 3 rail fence system.  

Illustration 2: Routed fence posts with panels inserted.


Why should I choose a routed fence? 

Of course, the fence you choose will depend on your specific needs, but in general routed systems offer several benefits that bracketed systems can't, including: no visible screws or brackets, typically a lower cost per foot due to reduced hardware requirements, and ease of assembly.

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