How to Buy a Regis Aluminum Fence | Material Estimate Guide

The steps below are a simple way to estimate the materials when buying a Regis Ornamental Aluminum Fence, but they will also work for any routed fence, including Bufftech Vinyl Fences.  If you have a non-standard layout, or if you would like a customer service representatives to look over your material list before you order, please email us
Note: Regis Aluminum Fences have a panel length of either 6’ (3000 Residential Series) or 8’ (4000 Commercial Series)
  1. Draw your fence on a sheet of paper and label each run with its length.
  2. For each run:
    • # of panels = [(length of run - length of gates) / panel length].  Note: if the is a remainder, add 1.
    • # of line posts = [# of panels - 1].  Also, subtract 1 for each gate "in line" (see illustration below)
    • If you plan to cut a panel into 2 or more smaller panels, add 1 line post per additional panel.
  3. For all gates in your fence, add 2 gate posts.  The exception is: if the gate is the end point of your fence, add 1 gate post and 1 blank post.
  4. For each corner:
    • If there is no gate, add a corner post.  If there is a gate, the gate post will serve as the corner post.
  5. For each end point (where your fence stops):
    • If there is no gate, add an end post.  If there is a gate, then the blank post (from step 3) will serve as the end post.
  6. For all posts, add a post cap.
  7. For all gates, add 1 set of hinges and 1 latch
  8. (Optional) Add any decorative elements available, such as: triad finials, scrolls, etc.