Oz Post Instant Post Holes: Easy DIY Installation for Fences, Decks, Signs, and More.

Oz Post - Drivable Post Anchors

If the thought of digging post holes, hauling dirt, and pouring concrete makes your back hurt or has you thinking twice about the DIY part of your DIY fence or deck project, Oz-Post post support anchors are what you need.
Oz Post support anchors are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer (for smaller jobs) or an electric jackhammer (which can be rented at most large hardware supply stores) eliminating a lot of the pre-installation prep work and allowing you to focus more on laying out your DIY project. [more] They are also more forgiving. Posts screw into the Oz-Post anchor, so if you make a mistake, or if your installing a temporary item like a sign, you can unscrew the posts, pull the Oz-Post out of the ground, and use it again.
Sometimes digging post holes is the better option, like if your installing posts more than 8" in diameter or if you want to punish your children for stealing the car. For the most part though, Oz-Post drivable post anchors will get the job done with less work, time, and possibly even less money.

Oz-Posts for Every Application

We sell Oz-Post anchors online for most types of fencing. Check out some of our most popular models below.

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