What is a ... Fence Slat?

A Fence Slat (Privacy Slat) is a metal or plastic insert that turns a chain link fence into a privacy fence. Most slats are made from either aluminum or some type of plastic. 

Slats can be used for more than just privacy.  They can be combined in different colors to make designs or for corporate branding.

Below is a list of different types of PDS Fence Slats which are manufactured by Pexco.  They are all made from extruded High Density Polyethylene, a plastic that is resistant to UV and chemical exposure, with the exception of the hedge slats which is made with galvanized wire and PVC. They range in style, privacy factor, ease of installation, and cost.

Typically a bag of slats will cover approximately 10 linear feet of chain link fencing.

Top Lock Slats

Flat, tubular plastic inserts that have an elliptical shaped hole routed at the top.  They are installed through the mesh, and then a flat polyethylene channel is inserted through all of the slats to lock them into place.  They offer approximately 75% privacy.  The main benefit to top locking slats is that they all lock at exactly the same place, so the line of slats stays uniform at the top.
Bottom Lock Slats

Flat tubular plastic inserts that slide through the chain link mesh and lock into a plastic bottom channel.  PDS Bottom Lock Slats have reinforced legs through the inside of the slats to help them maintain their shape.  They offer approximately 75% privacy. Bottom Lock Slats are easier to install than Top Lock Slats, but they don't align as well at the top of the fence.

Winged Slats

Reinforced inserts that have additional, serrated plastic wings on the sides.  They are self locking, in that the serrations grip the chain link knuckles to hold the slats in place.  The wings also offer near full (90%) privacy.  Winged slats take more time to install because the serrations catch on the chain link.
Fence Weave

A flat, plastic extrusion that is sold in long (250') rolls.  Fence weave is woven through the chain link mesh and cut at the ends.  It is then fastened with brass fasteners.  The process takes longer than installing slats because of the effort involved to weave through all of the diamonds.  The weave offers 70% privacy.  
Hedge Slats

Constructed of 16 gauge galvanized, braided wire core and 3-mil PVC needles, HedgeLink slats mimic real hedges and do a great job of providing privacy while giving chain link fence a more natural look.

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