What is a: Cane Bolt

A Cane Bolt, also known as a drop rod, is a simple gate latch that consists of a long metal rod with a curved handle; it attaches to a gate by one or more fasteners.    


Using a Cane Bolt to Secure Your Gate

A cane bolt's operation is very elementary...it uses gravity.  When you want to secure your gate, in either the open or closed position, simply turn the cane bolt to clear the bracket holding it in place and slide it down into a hole (typically drilled) in the ground.  When you want your gate to swing freely, lift up the cane bolt and return it to its original position, resting on the bracket.  The following images illustrate this concept.  In the first image, the cane bolt is unsecured and the gate will swing freely.  In the second image, the cane bolt is dropped into the ground and the gate will not move.

Above: Cane bolts in open (top) and closed (bottom) positions

What are cane bolts / drop rods used for?

Cane bolts are used to secure all manner of gates, from large ornamental estate gates to smaller wood walk gates.

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