Arched Fences and Gates

If you want to add a little flair to your fence design, get non-linear with arches.  Arched fence panels and gates can break up the continuity of your fence line and give it a more dynamic and customized look, particularly if there are an abundance of straight-rail fences in your neighborhood.

Arches can be a fun and informal way to add a little personality to your fence.... 

(Fences from left to right: Bufftech New Lexington w/ S-Curve Panel, Bufftech Danbury Concave, Regis 3230 w/ Arch Gate)

Or They Can Be A GRAND Way To Enhance The Elegance Of Your Estate Gate. 

(Above: Regis Designer Arch Gate w/ Puppy Pickets and Gold Quad Finials)

We sell a wide variety of Arched Fence Panels and Estate Gates.  If you would like more information, email us and one of our fence pros will be happy to help you.

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