A Great Chain Link Fence Guide at DoItYourself.com

One of the subjects that we've been contemplating writing about is an introductory buying guide to chain link fence to help do-it-yourself installers.

While doing research on the topic to come up with ideas, we came across this great chain link article from DoItYourself.com which discusses most of what we would have wanted to write about.  In particular, it covers all aspects of chain link, including: wire fabric, framework, posts, fittings, and gate hardware.  It also discusses benefits and drawbacks to various steel gauges and coatings (ie. galvanized, aluminized, and pvc).  All in all, it is a thorough introduction into the finer points of chain link fencing.  So, rather than re-invent the wheel, we'll provide some of the articles key points below and recommend that you read it in its entirety if you are thinking of building a chain link fence.

Quick Takeaways from the DoItYourself.com article
  • Don't choose a wire guage that is too light because it won't hold up to wear and tear
  • Choose materials that, at the least, adhere to the minimum standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • If you want to dress up your fence with color, choose pvc coated wire
  • Match your gate framework and fabric to your fence.
  • Choose high quality fittings to ensure better performance from your fence and gate.

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  1. Good list for installing chain link fencing. You are right to put the wire gauge at the top of the list. Too often people are disappointed because they go with lighter fabric to save money.