Featured Projects: Delightful Gardens Delights Customers with Great Design and Westbury Aluminum Railing

Our featured customer projects this month are from Delightful Gardens Landscape Company, a design and build firm that has served Williamsburgh, VA and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  Company Owner Don Newsom was kind enough to share some recent examples of their work with us. Check out the awesome pictures below.

Project 1: A Low Maintenance Design

Description: Composite decking materials, PVC trim, and Westbury Aluminum Railing were used to meet the customer's primary goal of reducing maintenance.  He considered PVC railing and composite railing, but eventually settled on the Westbury based on appearance and cost.



Project 2: A Well Connected Design
Description: This project was designed by Delightful Gardens to provide a sense of connection between the elevated first floor of the house and the garden below.  Planters and Westbury Aluminum Railing were used to maintain the view of the lake from the deck and from inside the house.



Project 3: Creating an Outdoor Room
Description:  Don and his team used Westbury Railing to provide a sense of space and dimension on the deck without cutting off the view of the adjacent patio and landscape.

Photos Compliments of:

Delightful Gardens
7242 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburgh, VA 23185
(757) 345-0123

If you are a Do-It-Yourself or professional customer that would like to showcase your fence or railing project on our blog, send us an email with pictures and a description of the project to info (at) signetfence.com.

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