D&D LokkLatch Gate Latches - Choosing the Right Model For Your Gate

D&D LokkLatches are some of the most reliable, easy to install latches around.  Featuring a tough polymer construction and stainless steel internal components, these latches will last a lifetime (as guaranteed by the limited lifetime warranty).

With 4 innovative models, one of the questions that we get asked most often about the LokkLatch is which model to choose for which application.  That's why we've put together this short article on the different uses for each.

LokkLatch Series 2 

The D&D LokkLatch Series 2 is a great all-purpose, lockable gate latch for residential use.  The easy installation and functionality make it ideal for privacy and ornamental fences around the home or garden.  The Series 2 can be used on left or right hinged gates and is vertically adjustable up to 1/2" both during and after installation.

LokkLatch Round Post Model

 The LokkLatch Round Post Model offers all of the same features as the Series 2, but is made to fit round posts with diameters from 1 7/8" x 2 7/8" and gate frameworks of 1 3/8" and 1 5/8" diameters.  A great self latching gate latch for residential chain link security and pool fences.


LokkLatch PRO-SL

The LokkLatch PRO-SL is D&D's high end security lock which combines all of the features of the LokkLatch Series 2 with automatic locking capability and dual re-keyable 6-pin locks.  The PRO-SL is perfect for both privacy and security gates, particularly at commercial properties like condos, apartments, and offices.  The LokkLatch Pro comes standard with external access and can be locked on either side of the gate.  It fits square gate posts up to 6" wide.

D&D LokkLatch DELUXE

LokkLatch DELUXE

The LokkLatch Deluxe is a slimmed down version of the LokkLatch PRO-SL which offers the same security features like dual 6-pin locks and 316-grade stainless steel components.  The main difference between the DELUXE and the PRO-SL is that it has a smaller profile and does not come standard with the external access kit.

About External Access Kits

LokkLatch External Access Kits enable you to open the gate from either side of the fence.  All of the LokkLatches, except for the Pro-SL, open only from the side of the lock (usually inside the fence) unless you purchase an external access kit.

Looking for the right D&D LokkLatch? You can buy any model of the D&D LockLatch plus many other types of latches in our online store.

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