Creative Fences: The Pumpkin Impaler

Check out this knarly halloween decorated fence in Brooklyn, NY  nicknamed the "Pumpkin Impaler".  The 14 year tradition was started by Jane Greengold, a lawyer and artist that devotes one day each week to public art projects.  Each year at Halloween she, along with family and friends, hand carve 274 pumpkins, place them on the spear point finials of this old iron fence, and then light them up at night.  Apparently it's a big hit with the over 800 local trick-or-treaters.

Photo from article.

It's a neat Halloween Decorating idea, and the fence itself already looks pretty beat up, but please don't ever do this to you're powder coated aluminum or steel fence.  It's just inviting rust and corrosion, and think of the cleanup afterwords.

Read the full story at (Link is no longer active)

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